• CEOMOM Magazine, January 2018


    With online children’s boutiques becoming more popular, Blaze + Wander has a competitive edge that is defined by its love for adventure and exploration. The socially conscious boutique wants children to embrace the beauty of discovering the world around them, and the world. CEOMOM was inspired by Blaze + Wander founder and mom of 2 Sarah Yasukochi’s mission to build more than just a clothing and accessories store. Read our interview with Sarah and learn more about her desire to cultivate a community of creatives and passion seekers. 

    Tell us about Blaze + Wander. What are your products and services?

    Blaze + Wander is a curated collection of ethically made and socially conscious clothing and homewares from around the world, primarily geared to children. We sell hand drawn t-shirts, organic cotton products, accessories, beach blankets and decor.

    What inspired you to create Blaze + Wander?

    After going through a company reorganization and then eventually leaving the corporate world, I found myself in a space to consider what I wanted to do with my life. I had 20+ years of marketing experience and previously owned a franchise business, but one of my dreams was to create a retail brand from the ground up that would cater to kids. As a mom of 2, my son and daughter inspire me everyday. I wanted to do something that would help inspire other kids and their families to travel, explore and discover new things.

    What is the inspiration behind each line? 

    Growing up in a military family, we traveled a lot. I spent my high school years in Italy and had the opportunity to visit and live in different parts of the world. That spirit of adventure has always been a part of my lifestyle. That love and appreciation for discovering unique finds from around the world is what's behind the brand. And why kids? Kids have wild hearts. They are bold, brave and are always blazing trails with intention and purpose. They also take time to wander and get a little lost along the way. One minute they're running and the next they are at a complete stop with bright eyes wide and focused on what they've just come across. It's a great reminder for us as parents, to find a balance between always looking ahead and taking time to appreciate what's right in front of us.

    To read the full interview visit: http://ceomommagazine.com/latest-issue

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